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Why TriPath Media?

Unfortunately, when it comes to cyber incidents, it’s no longer a question of "IF" but "WHEN".

In all probability, there will be a cyber incident in the future of every organization. With deep expertise in media coverage and analysis of the largest national and global crises, TriPath Media will build your Cyber Incident Response Plan - with plan development, ongoing support and a crisis response communications operations center deployed during and after the incident. Limit the impact, control communications and mitigate risk by working with the deepest source of real world experience in the industry today: TriPath Media.


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We know how the media really works - from the inside.

From Desert Storm to 9/11, from the fall of Lehman Brothers to Hurricane Katrina. We were there – the ones you turn to in times of crises. We were the ones asking the direct, probing questions when companies such as Target, Home Depot, Sony and scores of organizations and government offices were in crisis mode without an organized and effective cyber incident response communications plan in place. We are the media.

Now, as cybersecurity incidents, regulatory issues and privacy breaches increase in severity and scope, we have stepped from behind the camera to advise you on navigating this difficult terrain of media communications.

  • We bring over a century of combined experience in national and international news media coverage.
  • We understand the dynamics of trending news, research, analysis, fact checking, investigative journalism and social media implications.
  • We know our way around the newsroom, editorial decisions and how producers develop angles, decide on content and energize a story - allowing us to gain real traction for you, our clients.
  • We take an integrative, communications centric approach that brings together your media relations and coordination with regulators, internal and external stakeholders and shareholders.
  • We use the latest in secure cloud technology to create a virtual incident response environment: We seal off a secure work space to house all incident response operations.




Our physical and virtual war room environment brings the best in public relations, legal, communications, regulatory compliance, cyber-security, seasoned journalists and media relations talent together in a coordinated and fast-moving team to provide multi-dimensional response and management.

Seasoned Leadership and Tested Methodology

By bringing together the full suite of relevant disciplines in a communications centric command center structure, we create a complete and coordinated, rapidly-moving task force. We get in front of your highest risks early on, before inaccuracies and negative information develop and become irreversible.

Clients turn to TriPath Media because they trust us to place them in a position of strength by properly preparing them to respond to an issue before a crisis strikes. Through our seasoned leadership and tested methodology, we provide you with the insights you need in order to make confident decisions in the midst of chaos.

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