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Executive Media Readiness

Our trained staff and camera crews, who benefit from TV, radio and print journalistic experience, provide group and one-on-one training sessions to fully prepare CEOs, Board Members, CFOs and other executives to "talk the talk and walk the walk" to articulate coherent sound bites during interviews with the media.


One-on-One Media Readiness Training

Based on your needs, we will develop customized training programs for executives, such as your CEO, CFO and Board Members, who need individualized training. These three-hour sessions are specific to the skills and style of the individual and will feature multiple interviews with critiques upon video playback. We then offer personalized tips on how to address areas of improvement and ongoing follow-up and support as needed for upcoming media events.

Half-Day Media Training

Our half-day training sessions are designed for a small group of participants (typically limited to 3-4) who may serve as spokespersons for the organization. These training sessions are designed to teach individuals how to prepare for interviews and speaking engagements. Each participant then conducts multiple on-camera interviews followed by live critiques. If requested, we can also offer a summary report on each individual's performance to the program coordinator.

Introductory Media Training

Our professional staff conducts this three-hour session, which is designed for larger groups. We focus on introducing participants to an understanding of how the media works and how to effectively control media interviews. During these exercises, based upon potential scenarios, we walk participants through the steps to deliver an effective response to the media. Based upon these scenarios, we will also have a group of participants conduct on-camera interviews, followed by live critiques.

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