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Cyber Incident Communications

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Our proprietary crisis communications management methodology is focused on a precision process of organized decisiveness that meets or exceeds your regulatory requirements. With deep expertise in media coverage and analysis of the largest national and global crises, our team will work with your key stakeholders to assess, define, implement and maintain a custom-designed Cyber Incident Response Communications Plan, as outlined below.

Preparedness Evaluation

At the outset of the engagement, TriPath Media professionals will conduct half-day strategy workshops with your key executives and staff. The goal of the workshops are to review your business processes and develop a list of potential crisis scenarios. This team exercise allows a better understanding of what you may be facing in a particular situation and what actions may need to be taken to properly manage each scenario.

Through this exercise we will also examine a company’s existing crisis response plans and identify possible gaps that may exist. We will also discuss the respective roles and responsibilities during a crisis for involved team members. And most importantly, we will agree on your goals and approach to crisis communications, which may include – “get through a crisis as quickly as possible” or “be fully transparent with internal and external stakeholders” or “limit potential liability” or, as is often the case, “all of the above."

Incident Response Strategy and Plan Development

Once we have completed the assessment and analysis phase, we work closely with your key stakeholders to define and implement a custom-designed Cyber Incident Response Communications Plan that will be on "standby", to be quickly deployed upon the occurrence of an incident. Our strategy and planning deliverables are geared to help you meet technological and regulatory compliance needs.

Also, your Plan has must have built-in flexibility: In a high pressure cyber incident, where every moment increases costs and escalates threats, there isn’t time to leaf through a giant plan to figure out what to do. So it’s better to have a flexible plan that empowers your people to focus on what they do best and one that focuses on the objectives as opposed to necessarily the means. Your Plan must be updated periodically - all with a tightly defined launch point, team roles, and clearly targeted deliverables.

Incident Response Readiness Program

Readiness is essential to sustain your response capability when crisis strikes. We ensure that you have immediate access to our team, to respond and get ahead of media-related risks and communications exposure. Our readiness program is an ongoing retainer service that provides you rapid availability and 2-3 days per month planning, training and oversight to continuously refresh communications readiness as conditions evolve and change.

Active Cyber Incident Management

In the advent of an actual incident, we deploy, in a Response Team Structure, on-site with you to manage media relations, content and messaging, serving as the communications hub for the overall response effort. We work with diverse groups including in-house legal, human resources, marketing, public relations, internal audit, information security, compliance and senior management. We are side-by-side with you to manage the situation and all communications - internal and external - during and after the crisis. We stay with you until the situation is managed and issues are brought to closure.


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