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Patti Tripathi - Founder and President


Patti Tripathi is an award-winning media professional, a coveted media trainer and speaker, and a world class television news veteran, including many years as an anchor/writer for the CNN News Group.

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As the News Director/main anchor she launched the strategic direction of a startup news network which expanded to 300 independents in the U.S. and Canada within six months. Her background is exemplary especially because she was not well versed in English at age 12, and became one of the first South Asian Americans to anchor national news.

Anchoring the news for CNN at its world headquarters in Atlanta since her twenties, Patti uses her years of experience in front of the camera to help clients come across poised, believable, and personable. Patti trains clients to perfect their delivery of the story and message clearly and in an articulate manner. Whether a client is facing a frontline media crisis with a 20/20 interview or explaining ways to avert data compromise on the Today Show, Patti’s insight into the world of journalism helps clients to be confident. In 2014 she led the UN's efforts in Tunisia following the 'Arab Spring', to prepare Tunisian female political hopefuls for televised debates, campaigning and media readiness in advance of the country's first open elections, including members of the group that were awarded the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize.

Patti is an expert at all types of media – TV, radio, and newspaper. She began her career as a print reporter for the major metropolitan newspaper, The Arizona Republic. She then switched gear to become a radio news anchor and producer before doing field reporting for ABC affiliates in Indiana, and North Carolina. As news anchor for Headline News she reported live on breaking news on a daily basis, covering the biggest stories in recent decades. From the anchor desk and on the scene she reported on Desert Storm, the Gore/Bush election controversy, natural disasters and the 9/11 World Trade Center bombings. She excels in different types of media, bringing mastery of diverse skills, and boosting her clients understanding of when and where to put greater emphasis on sound, sight, and words.

Patti is a graduate of the University of the Notre Dame. She was one of 11, and only female, in the first graduating class of TiE-Smith Entrepreneur Mentorship Fellows at the Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. The daughter of a noted physicist she has lived all over the U.S., the UK and was born in India near the Nepal border.


Kerry Kinsey - Managing Director


Kerry is an Emmy-nominated and seven-time AP Award-winning television news and sports anchor/reporter. In his 30 years in TV news he worked in many markets including Houston, Philadelphia, Louisville, Salt Lake City, and Las Vegas.

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As a news anchor/reporter he’s covered everything from the breakup of Space Shuttle Columbia, to hurricanes, wildfires, earthquakes, mining disasters, and presidential visits.

He was also the lead reporter on the road-rage murder of a Las Vegas mom, the stand-off between a Nevada rancher and the federal government, the Fort Hood shooting rampage, and the mysterious shooting death of an inmate at Nevada's High Desert State Prison that ended in a 'gladiator-like fight.’

Kerry hosted a show in Los Angeles for the Fine Living Network. "50 Ways to Cut Your Bills Today," won a Gold Remi Award at the WorldFest Houston International Film Festival. He also appeared on the TV One Network show "Fatal Attraction,” filling the network’s needs for what they called “most knowledgeable reporter' in a Las Vegas high-profile murder trial. Kerry anchored coverage of the scheduled landing and break up of Space Shuttle Columbia, the hunt for shuttle debris in East Texas, Hurricane Erika, and the unraveling of energy giant Enron. He also taught his craft at a broadcasting school in Atlanta, GA, with an emphasis on helping students feel more comfortable in front of the camera in pressure situations.


Ben Merritt - Managing Director

Ben is a seasoned entrepreneur, former journalist, and communications professional. Starting out as a journalist, Ben quickly rose to the top of his profession in journalism and public relations, and in 1996 started Merritt Group, which today is one of the top PR firms in the US. Merritt Group is nationally recognized for its outstanding work, with office locations in Washington DC and San Francisco.

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He is a seasoned Silicon Valley veteran, having worked with some of the leading companies in technology including Microsoft, Verizon and CheckPoint Software. Ben Merritt, was listed as Top 100 for “Who’s Who in Tech PR.”

With his roots in journalism Ben is the consummate story-teller, helping organizations unlock the value of their ideas and innovations and bringing them to the forefront in new and powerful ways. Ben is a graduate of the University of Florida with a BS in Journalism.

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