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The question is WHEN... not IF you will have a cyber incident, and then: Will you be ready when CNN is at your door?

Ineffective and inept communications management poses the greatest threat to your reputation, trust and enterprise value. Our approach to Cyber Incident Communications (CIC) is specifically tailored to meet the regulatory requirements of your industry. Your communications approach is best structured in advance, before the time comes, so that others are not in control and that you...


We coach you with executive media readiness and table-top exercises, so you are prepared for the likely breaking news scenarios. We believe communication with regulators, shareholders, customers, analysts and other stakeholders is most effective in concert with a comprehensive media communications management program... That is what we provide.


We are the media.
We know how the media really works - from the inside.

We've been there ahead of you, covering the biggest developments of the 21st Century.

Events Take Their Own Course: Be Prepared

Web Image - Anatomy of a Breach

Cybersecurity threats are among the most prominent crises facing companies and organizations today, posing massive risks to reputation, revenues, customers and employees. In today's world, data breaches can come in many forms - from hacktivist groups motivated by political or social purposes, to state-sponsored entities seeking control over critical US infrastructure, to organized crime rings seeking data for financial gain, to your own organization's employees.

There is no substitute for a knowledgeable, experienced team with deep media credentials to assist in real-world crises. You will be able to address the media world of today... prepared, confident and ready. In times of crisis, TriPath Media knows the way and creates your path to success.

Executive Media

Our trained staff and camera crews, with TV, radio and print journalistic experience, provide group and one-on-one training sessions, and table-top exercises to fully prepare CEOs, Board Members, CFOs and other executives to "talk the talk and walk the walk" to articulate coherent sound bites during interviews with the media.

Cyber Incident Communications

With deep expertise in media coverage and analysis of the largest national and global crises, our team will work with your key stakeholders to assess, define, implement and maintain a custom-designed Cyber Incident Response Communications Plan. Furthermore, we will be positioned by your side in the event of an incident.

Web-Based Compliance Certification

Meet increasingly stringent legal and regulatory compliance requirements for new hires, existing staff and contractors with custom written and produced cyber communications training videos. Our cloud-based training fits your environment and supports your compliance programs as they continue to evolve.

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